• Hiba Mounzer

New Album Released

"The Singles Edition" is Hiba's long-awaited Debut Album, including all of her previous hit singles and introducing new Remixes for the number 01 songs "Keef Baddak Habibi" and "Khedni Habibi".

All songs are composed and produced by Maestro Abdo Mounzer, recorded at Maestro Recording Studios - Lebanon.

Track no.06 "Keef Baddak Habibi - Beirut Biloma Remix" was remixed and finalized at Mohammad Kebbe Studios. Track no.08 "Khedni Habibi - DJ Kallas Remix" was remixed and finalized at at DJ Kallas Studios."

Go to Music and listen to the songs.

Track list:

01. Chou Bhebbak

02. Keef Baddak Habibi

03. Khedni Habibi

04. Yey Chou Bhebbak (Live)

05. Beirut Ya Beirut

06. Keef Baddak Habibi (Beirut Biloma Remix)

07. Keef Baddak Habibi (Maestro Remix)

08. Khedni Habibi (DJ Kallas Remix)

The Digital Album can be found (with and without the new remixes) on all platforms and digital stores below:

iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, Anghami, Deezer, Amazon Music, GooglePlay, Soundcloud, Myspace