• Hiba Mounzer

From Hiba with Love

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

From Hiba with Love

Hello dear friends and fans… ♡

What a beautiful small family you are, wether new or stuck around from the beginning, you are the starting little drops of rain before the storm - that’s how I see you; outstanding, memorable and bearers of joy and abundance.

It’s been 6 months since I last wrote you, I was able to achieve much more than I expected and still less than I am dreaming of ✌🏻

All of it with you here beside me, & so I owe you a sneak into some diary feed 😌

So much one can do with 24 hours a day and a healthy body to sustain! You can’t overwork yourself and that’s one of the things I have learned with the support around me, and that is to step back, let go and give things time. I’ve been given a small break for personal and health reasons the past two months.. I kept on working steadily but slowly until I can jump back on speed again. The album is finishing up real nice, it keeps growing and evolving with your patience and mine… I will keep on working from Dubai for the time being and share my heart through music and art. Stay tuned for the next round and thank you for the faith and journey 🙏🏻

- With Love, ♡