• Hiba Mounzer

Baddi Gharam Jdid

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Baddi Gharam Jdid Official Single Release.

Baddi Gharam Jdid is Hiba Mounzer's 2nd promotional single of her upcoming album 2018, after Tarekni Lameen released the past November. The song is a mature revision to her famous hit Chou Bhebbak and signed with a new subtle catch-phrase "Ma Baarif" almost unheard behind the upbeat tempo and backup vocals of the song, somehow a reminder of her famous "Aal Tayir Chou Baddi" catch-phrase from her hit Keef Baddak Habibi.

Baddi Gharam Jdid is an upbeat dance pop disco song, written by Roger Azar, composed and arranged by Abdo Mounzer, recorded in Lebanon and mastered in the United Kingdom. A new line of Remixes is on the way as well as a Music Video soon to be released as part of the single and album's promotion.

The song is available at all digital stores. You can find the stores you want by going to the

Music Page of the website.